Bmw for E65,E66 I-Drive Navigation System  

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  • Bmw for E65,E66 I-Drive Navigation System
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Product Description
  • Detailed Product Description

  • Car Tv free video in motion for BMW E65 7er E66 model I-Drive system 

  • Car Tv free Video in motion,allow you watch DVD while you are driving.

  • For BMW E65 E66 model I-Drive navigation system E65 E66 7er

  • Features
    #Plug and play
    #Easy connection
    #CAN-BUS Technology
    #NO interruption of the board electronics
    #Audi computer does not see the interface.

  • Delivery Package:
    - TV free module
    - Instructions with pictures
    - Invoice
    - One year warranty
    - One year software warranty

  • Extra information
    *Watching DVD or TV and navigate at the same time is possible. The interface doesn≈t need
      to be deactivated.
    *Activation / Deactivation via ¨Menu or ¨iDrive button. When ignition is off the interface
      automatically switch off. This is needing for the next vehicle start to get a right calibration
      of the navigation system.