BMW X5/X6 Center Armrest Monitor   

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  • BMW X5/X6 Center Armrest Monitor
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Product Description



  • Digital video display, no analog interference.
  • Black Rubber Skin.
  • Suitable for BMW 2009 X5/X6.
Product Specifications


Size / Model 9.2"
Width 200mm
Height 120mm
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Type Transparent type TN Liquid Crystal Display 
Number of Elemernts  800(W) x 480 (H) x 3, 1.152M pixels (VGA)      
Effective Number of Elements        99.9% or more 
Back Light   Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
Operating Voltage 10 - 16V DC (Typical : 12V)
Power Consumption  0.8A (MAX) , 0.6 (TYP) , 0.15A (Stand by)
Video Input 1.0V p-p 75
Audio Input 2.0V rms (MAX)
IR Transmitter  CH A : 2.3MHz / 2.8MHz
Operating Temperature  +32 to +140 (0 to +60)



Size                 9.2"                 
Width 240mm
Depth 167mm
Hight 35mm
Weight 0.77kg
Bracket Type          G Type 
Width 210mm 
Depth 48mm 
Height  120mm
Weight  0.30kg